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Merriam-Webster defines “thankful” as “conscious of benefit received.” I can agree with that. Here’s a small chronicling of all the vast blessings that fill my life. (Thanks to my brother-in-law Hunter for the last three iPhone photos.)

There may be some in the world who are yet unmoved by music. I hope not many. I am thankful for sounds that somehow explain the human soul, and for a great road trip to Memphis with two of our dearest friends. (Iron & Wine was great, but NOMO–an “afrobeat dance explosion”–blew our minds.)


Within the past two years I’ve been discovering the joys of film and digital photography. I’m grateful for time to notice the world’s endless interest, and for photographer friends who are willing to teach me.


A warm meal of hummus and pita gives joy to the heart. I’m given as much food as I could ever eat and more in this country. It may be often repeated in this season, but many are still lacking. Compassion and generosity go far in healing our world.


Stark, brilliant moonlight is God’s gift of beauty through the darkness.


My life would be much the worse if I didn’t live in this little house:


With this little dog:


With the man who two years ago tonight, held my hand for the first time as we watched the sunset. I knew then that he was something special. I’m so thankful for his kindness and love, and his brilliant mind which created this:



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It’s been a refreshing weekend. We’ve had many friends and family in town to celebrate the wedding of my darling cousin Shea and her absolutely wonderful now-husband Michael. I couldn’t be happier for these two. The love, mutual respect, and true friendship they possess was evident in every moment of their day. They were beaming with joy as they recited their vows. And though the wedding and reception were beautiful, the deepest beauty was in their commitment to each other and the obvious delight they had in finally being wed.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.”


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Before I met my husband, I thought that I would marry someone who was basically just like me. I imagined that this theoretical guy would have all the same interests, ideas, and hopes. We would sit side by side, reading the same genres, listening to the same styles, and writing the same thoughts. I conceived of a relationship between two people with essentially the same identity. One soul in two bodies.

This idea didn’t happen. And I’m so thankful, because it would have been about as interesting as sitting alone on a see-saw. Marriage, for us, is more like a Venn diagram, with enough overlap among personality traits and interests to make the relationship comfortable, while we each have our own ways of thinking and sufficiently different pursuits.

Differences are so interesting and fun. Although before I met Mason I knew nothing of website-building or Japanese anime, now I can appreciate their merits.  While Mason might have never baked a cake from scratch or initiated frequent travel, now he values these things and enjoys them. We make our own life together, each learning from the other.

Last week, Mason’s brother and sister-in-law sent us gifts that perfectly illustrated the similarity and distinction between Mason and me. We both got action figures, but the semblance ended there. Can you tell which one belongs to whom?



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A Sweet Song

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I’ll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let’s go again

Happy Wednesday!

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Sadie, Black Coat

Sadie is our beautiful black lab/German shepherd mix.  We got her last September from a local no-kill shelter, and she has since been a tremendous blessing in our lives.  She brings us a lot of love and laughter, and her sweet spirit is a constant reminder of God’s love for us and all his creation.

We learned early on that Sadie is very curious, and sometimes gets accidentally carried away.  It’s good for her to have something to play with and chew on, like a rawhide or a ball, so she’s entertained and happy.

The other day we rushed away in a hurry and left some groceries sitting on the kitchen floor.  In the grocery bags were some peaches, plums, and flour.  Naturally Sadie was curious, and was ecstatic to find that we had purchased about 12 “balls” for her to play with.  She was even more pleased to discover that they were sweet and easily punctured.  The flour held her interest as well, though it made her sneeze.

Unfortunately, we could only be present for the aftermath.


Sadie is named after “Sadie,” a song by Joanna Newsom. The lyrics have poetically proved true for Sadie and for our home.

Bury this bone
To gnaw on it later, gnawing on the telephone
And ’till then, we pray and suspend
The notion that these lives do never end

And all day long we talk about mercy
Lead me to water Lord, I sure am thirsty


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Tonight Mason and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on a spur-of-the-moment date. I realized about halfway through the movie that I was essentially taking a guided tour through my husband’s brain. And it was one of the more amazing sights I’ve ever seen.  Gaining power-ups and fighting epic video game battles with real people, while wearing a hoodie and wristbands?  Playing the bass solo from Final Fantasy 4 on a red Rickenbacker using a pick? That’s something only Mason could invent.  Well, Mason and the guy who made this movie. They should be friends.

So it was a great night, and I feel that I know my husband so much better now.  Anyone who grew up in the 90s or loves someone who grew up in the 90s should go see this film.

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Finally, Inspiration

The summer is winding down, although the scorching weather bears little evidence of this. Still, schools across the metro are starting, and our thoughts begin to turn to fall breezes and Thanksgiving break and opportunities to grill out. Although I knew in May that I would not be returning to teaching this year, I still found myself needing recovery over the summer from all the stress of the school year.  For much of the summer I’ve been purely relaxing, doing what work had to be done but remaining unmotivated for anything else.

And now that I’ve had my break, I’ve had a burst of energy over the last couple of weeks.  I finally finished painting our first-ever dining table.  (Until now we’ve sat on the floor around a coffee table.)  We hosted a dinner party the day that it was done.  A friend gave me her knitting needles and I re-learned knitting in one weekend, something I’ve been meaning to do for over a year.  I’m filling out grad school applications and mailed my first completed one off this morning.  Oh, and we re-arranged our living room and added wedding portraits in frames on the wall.  I’m reading voraciously; three new books arrived in the mail this morning, and I cannot wait to get into them.



I’m anticipating a productive season.  Mason is entering his last year of school, and I am thankful that my work has decreased in its intensity. This fall will be full of projects and planning and hope for what’s ahead.  I intend to enjoy it.

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